A Testimonial to Dr. Mirhashemi’s Robot! 

I recently had a complete hysterectomy with  arthroscopic-robotic technology. I was fortunate to also have the benefit of Dr. Mirhashemi’s experience and expertise. 

Surgery was on a Friday morning, and I was home by 1pm on Saturday. Although prescription pain medicine was available both in the hospital and after, post surgical discomfort was so minimal that I never needed anything more than Tylenol. Instead of a large abdominal incision, I had four tiny laparoscopic incision sites. This made the recovery quick and mostly pain-free.  Amazing, when compared to the longer hospital stay and heavy-duty medicine for pain control typical with the more traditional 
method of performing hysterectomies. 

After what is considered ”major surgery”, I took only five days off and was able to resume my normal work schedule the following week.  With the more traditional method, I would probably have just been leaving the hospital at the point. 

In addition to his technical expertise, Dr Mirhashemi’s kindness and warm manner further served to make this the most positive experience possible.